Ohive Inc. is a knowledge-based consulting company specializing in mechanical design and structural calculation using CAE simulations for Eastern Canada. We provide comprehensive services ranging from in-situ mentoring of clients’ employees and trouble-shooting on client built models to undertaking modeling and analysis on behalf of them.
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Company Profile:

Ohive Inc. is a knowledge-based and CAE consulting company specializing in mechanical design and structural calculation. We also carry out design and development projects on a broader geographic scale. Our consulting activities are primarily focused on heavy machinery applications where we benefit of the state-of-the-art technology, the innovation and the global experience embodied in our greatest assets — our professionals. Our engineering and R&D staff have years of in-depth experience in principle areas of engineering, which contributes to our overall technical capabilities. We have real world experience; having worked within manufacturing environments, our team is familiar with machining operations, trouble-shooting, prototyping, testing and analysis. Our CAE specialist not only sale, but also train the clients and technically support our products.

Ohive can offer clients solutions which extend far beyond traditional engineering skills through to day-to-day operating expertise; whether working on smaller short term projects like failure analysis or component optimization, or larger longer-term retainers for product development with ongoing deliverables, and anything between. Our wide range of services includes:

  • Pre-feasibility/investment studies
  • Preliminary and final design (for projects ranging in scale from multi-system projects to component re-engineering to client specific software applications)
  • The preparation of bid evaluations
  • On-site project management
  • Technical assistance and advice


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